Restoring College Office data

We provide you with a daily encrypted backup of your data via Google Drive. To restore this data you will need:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later (you can use the free Express edition)
  • WinZip or 7-Zip (or any other zip utility capable of unzipping zip files encrypted with the AES 256 bits protocol)
  • The password/key which we have assigned to your institution.

To restore your data:

  • Download the file from the Google Drive folder we are sharing with your institution
  • Unzip the file (you will be prompted to enter the password/key we have assigned to your institution)

The unzipped file is a standard Microsoft SQL Server backup file which can be restored to any instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later (the restored backup gives you a fully structured relational database.)

You will need to design your own software solution to make use of this data or bring it to another service provider so they can import it into their system. This is provided to you as an insurance policy in case a catastrophic event would permanently prevent us from operating or you from accessing our system, or in case you would want to move your data to another provider (you are never held hostage to our service by your data.)

This is a service for your own peace of mind, we are not discharging upon you the responsibility of maintaining a backup of your data, this remains an essential part of our responsibility towards you and we keep daily backups of our own in 3 different locations (the 1st location only has a copy of the latest backup, the 2nd location keeps a copy of the last 10 backups and the 3rd location keeps all daily backups for at least 1 full year).

Note: you may notice that the size of your backup file changes a bit from day to day, and even though your database would normally grow over time, the backup may shrink in size at times: this is due to the effect of encryption on compression and is not a matter of concern!

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