More than a great web based application to manage your records, College Office is also a Safe Box for your data.

College Office makes every effort to ensure that your data is always:

Most smaller institutions simply do not have the IT expertise and resources to reliably protect their data from hacks (data is most easily hacked from within by people with physical access to the building), unauthorized access, catastrophic hardware failures, or disasters.

Protected form unauthorized access

  • Your data is in the Cloud and therefore physically inaccessible to anyone trying to steal or damage it.
  • Your data is encrypted with the same technology used by your bank while it travels on the internet as well as while it is stored on our server, making it useless to anyone who could lay their hand on it.
  • Our system runs on a dedicated server which is locked down behind a very tight security policy and always kept current with the latest security patches, making it next to impossible for a hacker to gain access.

In an age of government sponsored cyber attacks, no one can say never... but our Safe Box is as safe as it gets!

Protected from accidents and disasters

Accidents happen, hardware fails, and sometimes disasters strike... it's never a matter of if, only of when...

  • Your data is backed up every night to 3 different locations.
  • We preserve each daily backup for 1 year.
  • Our data center is ISO-27001-2013 certified and among the safest and most modern in the US.
  • We always have a server on standby ready to be deployed.

Note: Because we prioritize security over availability, we do not offer an Up-time Service Level Agreement, though our up-time is excellent.

Always accessible to you

Since your data is kept in the cloud, how do we ensure that you always have access to it, no matter what happens... What would happen if our service became unavailable or you no longer wanted to use College Office?

  • We share with you the unique encryption key used to encrypt the daily backup of your data.
  • The encrypted backup of your data is then pushed daily to a Google Drive folder shared with you.
  • You can optionaly automate the downloading of this encrypted backup on a local computer in your office using Google Drive synchronization features (make sure to keep the encryption key in a separate location!).

For more detail check the topic on restoring College Office data.

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