Understanding Your Bill

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  • The formula we use to compute your monthly bill is [Base Fee] + [Student Fee] times [Number of active students that month] where an active student is any student who attended at least one class during the month. Check the Account page of the My Institution screen to view the current values of your Base Fee and Student Fee.
  • You can retrieve your invoices from the Invoices page of the My Institution screen. You can print your invoice by clicking Print in the last column (as long as your browser accepts popups from College Office.) Click on any invoice line to view the details of that invoice.
  • You can view your balance and the list of all your transactions (charges, payments, credits & refunds) from the Account page of the My Institution screen. Click on any transaction to see more details.
  • You can view a detailed explanation of your bill for a given month by printing the College Office Monthly Bill report. See more details below.

College Office provides several reports to help you keep track of your bill

Please note that your browser must be configured to accept popups from College Office in order to view reports (check the Reports help topic for details).

From the Home page click the Reports button on the lower right. In the Category drop down box select the category 'College Office'. You will see the following 3 reports:

  • College Office Monthly Bill: this report gives you the detailed billing information for a given month and lists all the active students for that month.
  • College Office Invoices: this report lists all your invoices from College Office. Click on the Invoice # to view that invoice, then click on the Back button in the report tool bar to return to the list of invoices.
  • College Office Financial Statement: this report gives you a financial statement for a specific period with beginning and ending balances similar to the statements you get from your bank. Selecting the period Since the Big Bang will list all your financial transactions.
  • You must have the Financial role to view these reports.

Paying Your Bill

You can pay us either by check or by bank transfer:

  • Make you check payable to Semafox, 630 Charles Street Avenue, Towson MD 21204 USA
  • Contact us to get our banking information for ACH, Wire or Swift transfers.
  • We can also accept credit cards but there is a 3.5% surcharge. Contact us to receive a link that will let you pay via credit card.

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