Create Payment Plan

ADMINISTRATION -> Students -> Student -> Student Financial Records -> Create Payment Plan

Use this screen to create a new payment plan for the student.

  • Plan Start Date: first payment due date, must be tomorrow or later.
  • Term: Academic term associated to this payment plan.
  • Total Amount: Total amount 'financed' by the plan.
  • Payments: Number of payments.
  • Interval Unit: Payment interval unit: Day, Week or Month.
  • Interval Length: Payment interval length. For ex: if Interval Unit is Day and length is 15, then the payment schedule is every 15 days.
  • Amount: this is calculated based on the total amount and the number of payments. It must be greater than the minimum online payment allowed (this minimum amount is recorded on the Custom page of the My Institution screen)

The remaining fields are used to capture the credit card information. Note that no credit card information is ever stored into College Office: this information is only passed to the credit card processor.

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