Payment Plan

ADMINISTRATION -> Students -> Student -> Student Financial Records -> Payment Plan
ADMINISTRATION -> Finances -> Payment Plans -> Payment Plan

This screen shows the details of a student payment plan as well as all the payments made under it.

If the plan is Active a Cancel button is available on the screen to let you cancel the plan. When you click this button College Office messages the payment processor to cancel the plan and lets you know if the request was successful. You can also cancel a subscription from the portal provided by the payment processor and the change will be reflected in College Office the next day. Note that any other change made via the payment processor portal will not be reflected in College Office.

  • Student: student name.
  • ID: student ID assigned by your institution
  • Student Status: current status of the student
  • Subscription Id: subscription Id assigned by the payment processor
  • Status: current status of the plan. This information is maintained by the payment processor and retrieved by College Office every night. The various statuses are:
    • Active: An active subscription is currently scheduled to be charged at a specified interval, which does not necessarily mean that payments will be successful.
    • Expired: The schedule of payments has ended.
    • Suspended: When the credit card information for a subscription expires, the subscription becomes suspended. A suspended subscription is not charged until the merchant corrects the problem. The merchant has until the next run date to correct the problem, or the subscription is terminated.
    • Cancelled: The subscription was cancelled by your institution. A cancelled subscription cannot be reactivated.
    • Terminated: When a merchant takes no action on a suspended account before the next run Date, the subscription is terminated. Once terminated, a subscription can no longer be reactivated and must be recreated.
  • Changed: date the subscription status was last changed
  • Start Date: start date of the payment plan (first payment due date)
  • Term: academic term of the payment plan.
  • Interval Unit: payment interval unit: Day, Month or Week.
  • Interval Length: payment interval length. For ex: if Interval Unit is Day and length is 15, then the payment schedule is every 15 days.
  • Number of Payments: number of payments in the payment plan (this does not include any initial payment a student made at registration time)
  • Payment Amount: amount of each payment
  • Total Amount: total amount financed (number of payments times the payment amount)
  • Started: Yes/No: Did the plan already start (meaning at least one payment has already been collected) or not (meaning no payment has yet been collected).

Below this are listed all the payments processed under the plan. This information is retrieved by College Office from the payment processors. Post Date is the date the payment settled.

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