SETUP -> Reports... -> Subscriptions -> Subscription

This screen shows all the information pertaining to a Subscription. It has 3 pages: Details, Parameters and Runs


For a description of the fields displayed on this page see the Edit Subscription help topic.


This page shows the parameters required by this report if applicable.

  • Parameter: name of the parameter.
  • Value: parameter value used to run the report (this is the only field you can edit).
  • Type: parameter type. Choices are Text, Number, Date or Boolean (meaning Yes or No).
  • Required: Yes or No wether the parameter is required or optional.

Click on a row to record a value for that parameter.


This page shows the list of date & times the report was scheduled to run and was actually processed.

  • Scheduled: date & time the report was scheduled to run.
  • Processed: date & time the report was actually processed.
  • Failed is displayed to the right of the Processed column if the report failed to run. Click on that row for more details.

This list is automatically purged by the system after 30 days.

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