Task Schedule

SETUP -> Reports... -> Task Schedules -> Task schedule

This screen shows all the information pertaining to a Task Schedule. It has 3 pages: Details, Subscriptions and Events Log


For a description of the fields displayed on this page see the Edit Task Schedule help topic.


This page shows the Subscriptions which run on this schedule. Each row shows:

  • The name of the report
  • The output format
  • The destination type

The list only shows the active subscriptions by default. Check the Active button on the upper right to No to see the inactive subscriptions linked to that schedule.

Click on a row to view the details of that Subscription.

Events Log

This page shows the date & times of the events fired up by the Task Schedule. Each row shows:

  • The date and time when the event is scheduled to be processed.
  • The date and time when the event was processed.

This list is automatically purged by the system after 30 days.

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