ADMINISTRATION -> Batch Imports -> Line

The upper part of the screen shows details of the line:

  • Line (or row) number
  • ! if one of the cells has invalid data.
  • The status of that line:
    • Unverified the content of that line has not yet been verified.
    • OK the content of the line has been verified and is ok (but has not yet been imported)
    • Rejected the line has been rejected when trying to import it.
    • Imported the line has been successfully imported.
    • Ignored the line is to be ignored by the import process (because it holds the names of the columns and not data)
  • The date and time when the line was imported if applicable.

Below that is the list of the cells that make up the line (1 cell per column in the document being imported). Each row shows:

  • Col the column number of the cell
  • Field the field to which the value of the cell will be matched as defined in the Fields page of the Import Template used to import the document.
  • Value the value contained by the cell (the imported value.) ! means the data is not valid.

If the first line of the imported document contains the names of the fields (and is therefore marked as Ignored) make sure to compare the values of each cell with the field name: they should match (at least in meaning.) If they do not match, correct your Import Template or create a new Import Template that matches the columns of the imported document.

You can edit the content of a cell by clicking the corresponding row as long as the line has not yet been imported.

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