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Online Registration allows your students to register online for the classes of an upcoming term. College Office can guide the students by showing them which classes are recommended based on the curriculum of their program of study and the classes they have already passed or transferred. (Check the Edit Program Requirement help topic for more details on how you can define the curriculum of your programs in order to enable this feature.) Once students have selected their classes, either for credit or for audit, College Office automatically bills them according to the Registration Fee (Credit or Audit as applicable), Late Registration Fee (Credit or Audit as applicable), Credit Fees and Audit Fees of that term. You can give your students the option to pay their full bill via a payment plan where the same card used to pay their initial bill will be automatically charged for a fixed number of recurring payments. The system provides quite a bit of flexibility to handle discounts and various levels of credit or audit fees. College Office determines the amount due at registration based on whether the student is paying in full (with the option of a discount) or via a payment plan. The online registration is finalized once the student pays the due amount online from within College Office. Students can also come back and adjust their selection as long as the term is open for registration.

What is required to prepare for Online Registration

Open an account with Authorize.Net

  • Open an account with Authorize.Net (a Visa subsidiary). Once your account has been open, record your Authorize.Net issued API Login ID and API Transaction Key into the Merchant ID and Public Key fields on the Custom page of the My Institution screen. Set the Environment field to PRODUCTION.
  • Set your Payment Service to Authorize.Net Payments in the Settings page of the Edit My Institution screen.
  • We can assist you with this process, contact us if you need help.

Decide your price structure

  • If your Credit Fee and Audit Fee are the same for all courses, then you are set, but if you need more flexibility, then decide how many "levels" your fee structure will have. You may consider having a level 0 for all courses which do not incur a cost, a level 1 for all courses which are priced at the standard cost and a level 2 for courses which have a higher per credit fee, etc... You can have as many levels as needed. Then review each course and assign to each the correct Fee Level via the Edit Course screen (all courses have their Fee Level set to 1 by default.)
  • Create a template of your term fees from the Fees page of the My Institution screen. Make sure to add a Credit and Audit fee for each fee level you are using. Record the default values of each fee and specify for each fee if it can be discounted or not and if it has a maximum number of billable units. All these fees and their values will be automatically added to any new term you create but can be modified for each term.
  • Create a Payment Plan template for your terms from the Settings page of the My Institution screen. Decide if Payment Plans are enabled or not as well as the default payment interval and the default number of payments for your new terms. Decide also how College Office should handle past due bills when students register online.

Configure your discounts

  • You can create discount rules that are automatically applied to students who meet the criteria of the rule when they register for their classes online. There are currently 2 rules available: a Pay In Full rule and an Age Based rule. To create a discount rule go from the Home page to Finances -> Discount Rules.
  • If some students are also eligible for certain personal discounts, record their personal discounts via the Discounts page of the Student Financial Records screen.
  • Discounts are cumulative and only applied to fees which can be discounted.

Setup Email Notification

  • If you wish to be notified via email whenever a student registers online or makes changes to his or her registration, record the email address to which these notifications should be sent in the Registration Notification Email field on the Custom page of the My Institution screen.

Configure the term you intend to open for online registration

  • Go to the Fees page of the term you are configuring. The page should already be populated with the default values defined in the Fees page of the My Institution screen. Modify these fees as needed. There should be a Registration Fee - Credit Student, Registration Fee - Audit Student, Late Registration Fee - Credit Student and Late Registration Fee - Audit Student as well as a Credit and Audit fee for each fee level you use. Specify which fees can be discounted or not and if they have a maximum number of billable units. Check the Edit Fee help topic for a description of the properties that apply to a fee.
  • Record the Registration Start date, Registration End date and Late Registration date via the Edit Term screen. The term will automatically become open for registration on the Registration Start date and be closed for registration on the Registration End date. Students who register after the Late Registration date will incur a Late Registration Fee on top of their regular Registration Fee.
  • If you have enabled payment plans in the My Institution screen, then record the First Payment Due Date in order to enable that option for your students. Make sure also to set the right Number of Payments and Payments Interval values for the term.

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