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Suppose that because of historical reasons you have 2 courses with different codes, CODE1 and CODE2, which are identical in content and that you have student records and classes associated to both courses. Suppose furthermore that you wish to consolidate these 2 courses into one by replacing CODE2 by CODE1 in all past records and then discarding CODE2: this is the typical situation in which you would use this tool.

This tool lets you replace a course by another course in all class and student records. Furthermore, you can also automatically assign a specific Delivery Method to the classes where the course is replaced.

  • Enter the code of the course you want to be replaced in the Replace this course code... field (in our example CODE2)
  • Enter the code of the course you want to substitute to the above course in the ... with this course code field (in our example CODE1)
  • Select the Delivery Method if applicable you would like to assign to the updated classes
  • Set Deactivate Old Course to yes if you would like College Office to mark the course that was replaced as inactive.
  • Click the Proceed button and confirm.


  • All classes teaching CODE2 will become classes teaching CODE1 with the same section if possible. If a class teaching CODE1 already exists in the term with that section, then College Office will append '$' at the end of the section to avoid a duplicate.
  • The number of credits remain unchanged! Since those are equivalent courses, they should have the same number of credits anyway, but suppose it is not the case and CODE1 is a 3 credits course while CODE2 is a 2 credits course: all classes that were CODE2 become CODE1 but remain as 2 credits classes.
  • All independent study records (student taking a course outside of a class setting) will also be updated from CODE2 to CODE1.
  • If you do not select a Delivery Method then the Delivery Method of the updated classes will remain unchanged.

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