Edit Fee

ADMINISTRATION -> Terms -> Term -> Edit Fee

This feature applies to Online Registration which is an optional module: contact us if you would like to subscribe to it.

This screen is used to edit the properties of a fee for a term. The top of the screen shows the term for which the fee applies and the name of the fee. The rest of the screen lets you edit the following properties:

  • Amount: fee amount in your currency.
  • Fee Level: the default fee level is 1, but you can record Credit and Audit fees for different fee levels. The fee level matches the corresponding Fee Level field in a Course, so that if a Course is marked as having a fee level 1, then the system will use the Credit and Audit Fees of level 1 when computing a student tuition, if the course is marked as having a fee level 2, then College Office will use Credit and Audit Fees of level 2 when computing a student tuition fees, etc.. You can add as many levels as needed, for example one level for undergraduate courses, a second level for postgraduate courses and even a level 0 for courses which are free: you will just need to create Credit and Audit fees for each of these levels. Note that Fee Level does not apply to Registration or Late Registration fees.
  • Max Units: indicates the maximum number of Credits or Audits a student will be charged at the specified fee level. Use this feature if, for example, you charge students a maximum of 12 credits, no matter how many credits beyond 12 they sign for. Enter 0 if there is no such maximum. Note that Max Units does not apply to Registration or Late Registration.
  • Discounted: select Yes if discounts can be applied to that fee, No otherwise.

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