Academic Records

STUDENT -> Academic Records

This screen lets you access all your academic records. It has 3 pages: Terms, Courses and Advisers.


This page lists all the terms in which you are or have been enrolled.

Click on a term to view all your academic records for that term via the Term screen.


This page lists all the courses you have taken, whether as a class or as an independent course study. You can filter them by term or by course code or title.
Click on a tile to view the details of that Class.


This page lists all your advisers.

Each tile shows:

  • The name of your adviser.
  • The email address of your adviser. Click on the email address to send an email to your adviser via the default email client of your device.
  • The work phone number of your adviser if available.
  • If applicable, the term during which this instructor is your adviser. Is a term is indicated, then that instructor is your adviser for that term only and can only see your academic information for that term (and only while that term remains open.) If no term is indicated, then that instructor is your adviser for the entire duration of your studies and can see your entire academic information.
  • If applicable, the program of study for which that instructor is your adviser.

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