Edit Class Registration

STUDENT -> Online Registration -> Edit Class registration

This screen lets you register (or un-register) for a class. It has 3 pages: Details, Schedule and Requisites.


This page shows the details of the class with its instructor(s) and lets you enroll for credit or for audit.

  • An indicator evaluates your need for that class in order to guide you. The options are:

    • Disallowed: you cannot take the class because it requires a pre-requisite which you have not fulfilled.
    • Duplicate: you have already passed this course in the past or are already enrolled during this term in another class offering the same course.
    • Optional: you are free to take this class.
    • Useful: you should take this class as it will satisfy an unfulfilled requirement of your program(s) of study.
  • Registered As: Select Credit or Audit to register for the class, or select - to un-register. This field is hidden if the class is Disallowed.


This page shows all the scheduled sessions of the class.


This page lists the pre-requisites or co-requisites for the class. You cannot register for the class if you are missing any pre-requisite.

Click on the upper right to save your choice.

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