View Email

This page displays the details of a specific email.

  • Recipient name
  • Created: date & time the email was created
  • Sent: date & time the email was sent, it should be fairly close from the time the email was created.
  • Attempts: number of times the system attempted to send this email. The system stops trying to send an email after 3 failed attempts.
  • Last Attempt: date & time of the last attempt.
  • To: email address of the recipient.
  • From: from email address that was used.
  • Subject: subject of the email.
  • Body: main message of the email. If the email is confidential because it contains login information of the recipient account, then the body is not displayed and a warning message is displayed instead.
  • HTML: optional message with HTML code appended to the previous body field.
  • When applicable, there is a red error message if the email is not properly formatted or another reason prevented it from being successfully sent.

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