Send Test Email

Use this page to compose a test email to be sent to the email address of your choice. If everything is working right, the email should be sent within 5 minutes (unless you have a huge batch of emails pending to be sent, in which case it could take longer). If the recipient does not receive this email within a reasonable amount of time, return to the Emails page to check the status of your test email. If the email is still pending, check the Error Log to see if the system has reported any email error.

  • Subject: this is the subject of the email
  • Body: this is the plain text body of the message. The recipient of the message will see the message as you type it: with spaces and line feeds but only a restricted set of HTML formatting is supported.
  • Appended HTML: the text you type in this field supports all HTML tags and will be appended to the previous body. This is only useful if you know HTML.

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