This screen shows all the emails that have been sent, are pending to be sent or failed to send. Use this screen to help identify potential problems with your email server or your email addresses.

You can filter by recipient name, ID or email address to check the status of emails sent to a particular student.

You can also filter by Email Status:

  • All to display all your emails regardless of their status.
  • Sent to display all the emails that were successfully sent.
  • Pending to display all the emails that are pending to be sent. Emails are processed every 5 minutes in batches of 50 to 100, so they should not remain pending for too long. If the date & time stamps of these emails are old, then there is a configuration problem with the way your email server is configured in College Office. Check the Error Log, there should be an error message under EMAIL. These emails will eventually be sent once the email server configuration issue has been resolved.
  • Failed To Send to display all the emails created after May 13th 2020 that failed to send even though your email server is properly configured in College Office. This could for example come from a wrongly formatted email address. Click on the email itself to see if there is an error message. This also displays all the emails created before May 13th 2020 that failed to send because of a configuration problem with your email server though the email itself was properly formatted.

Click the button on the lower right to filter the emails by date.

Click the button on the lower right to send a test email.

Note: College Office can be configured to work with your email server via the Custom page of the My Institution screen (fill in the fields of the SMTP category.)

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