Upload a Document

MISCELLANEOUS -> Upload a Document

This form lets you upload a document from your local network or reference an external document on the internet via its web address (web page, YouTube video, Google Drive document etc...) which can then be accessed by authorized College Office users.

The maximum size of the document that can be uploaded is configured via a setting in My Institution

  • Document Name: This is by default the name of the file you uploaded, but you can rename it as you wish. If referencing a web address, you can use this field to enter a title that will be displayed instead of the web address.
  • Ext. extension type of the document. This is automatically set by College Office based upon the type of document you have scanned or uploaded.
  • Chose File (the wording depends on your browser, for FireFox it says Browse...) click on this button to select a file from your local network. If using a Smart Phone or a Tablet, this button lets you also access the camera which makes it very easy to upload a picture.
  • Document Web Address: enter the web address of the document on the internet if applicable.
  • Description: use this field to enter a description of the document if applicable.

Click the button on the upper right to save the information. Click to cancel.

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