Edit Auto Increment

SETUP -> My Institution -> Edit Auto Increment

This screen is used to edit the auto increment properties of a table.

  • Table: name of the table for which an ID field is auto-incremented
  • Next Number: next value of that ID
  • Format: formatting string used to format the ID generated by College Office (see explanation below).

Formatting String

The formatting string uses the Microsoft syntax explained here: Microsoft documentation on custom numeric format strings

Below are examples of how serial number 123 will be generated according to the formatting string used:

Formatting String Result Explanation
000000 000123 Replaces the zero with the corresponding digit if one is present; otherwise, zero appears in the result string.
#A#B#C 1A2B3C Replaces the "#" symbol with the corresponding digit if one is present; otherwise, no digit appears in the result string.
A# A123
##-# 12-3  
XYZ#00000 XYZ00123  
XYZ#00000DFG XYZ00123DFG  
0.00 123.00  
\##0000\# #0123# \ Causes the next character to be interpreted as a literal rather than as a custom format specifier.
# 'cookies' 123 cookies Indicates that the enclosed characters should be copied to the result string unchanged.

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