Data Storage Space Computation

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Part of the fee to use College Office depends on the data storage amount required to store your attached documents.

  • Only attached documents such as PDF, Word or Excel documents that you upload to our server in order to attach them to class or student records or to emails count towards this amount.
  • The number of records you have in College Office such as the number of students, classes, terms, etc.. does not count towards this amount!
  • If you attach a document to an email sent to 500 students, only one copy of the document is stored on our server, not 500!
  • The student profile pictures do not count towards this amount!
  • This storage amount has no connection with the data traffic generated when you use College Office: there is no fee for the data traffic!

You have several ways to keep the amount of data you use under control:

  • You can configure the maximum size of a document that can be uploaded to College Office: setting a limit of 250 KB lets you store at least 20000 documents with no added cost (and probably more since many documents will be smaller.) See the Settings page of the My Institution form.
  • College Office lets you create documents which are pure internet links and consume no data storage: rather than uploading a 3 GB video clip to his or her class or attaching a 200 MB document to an email, an instructor is better off to upload a link to the video clip or attach a link to the document. Your staff will have no other option if you limit the size of a document that can be uploaded to a few hundred kilo bytes.
  • You can disable the feature that lets your staff and/or students upload documents if you do not want to use any data storage at all. See the Settings page of the My Institution form.
  • We will not charge for data storage that exceeds 5GB until:
    • We provide you with tools to purge older attached documents which are no longer required.
    • We provide you with a way to check your current data storage amount.
  • So, enjoy free data storage for now: we are in no rush to add those features as long as we have plenty of space on our server.

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