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You configure College Office for your own process via the Setup options and the My Institution form.

There are 3 more ways College Office can be customized to meet the special needs of your institution which are beyond the standard features and configuration settings available.

1 Custom reports

We can create custom reports or customize existing reports. It is normally fairly quick and relatively inexpensive.

2 Custom fields

We have designed College Office so that we can easily add custom fields to the main tables of the application, these fields can then be incorporated into various custom reports. This feature is data driven (meaning it does not require us to write code or modify the structure of our database,) but is not directly accessible to the users. Contact us to discuss adding new fields if you think this is something you may need, it is quick and inexpensive.

3 Custom import and export templates

Import templates enable you to import into College Office data that is generated by other applications. Export templates enable you to export College Office data in a format that can be imported by other applications. We can create specific templates that meet the unique requirements of other systems.

4 Adding new features

We are always open to discuss adding new features or improving existing features in order to accommodate the needs of our customers as long as those changes add potential value to the application for all of our customers.

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