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Convenience and accessibility of a modern cloud-based system
  • You do not require any IT infrastructure or expertise to use College Office, all you need is Internet access.
  • Your users can connect from anywhere using their desktop computer, tablet or smart-phone.
  • Your data is safely stored in a US data center (German data center for European customers only), well protected from unauthorized access, safe guarded from disasters and never shared with 3rd party companies.
The features you need
  • Our system is simple by design and our features focus on the fundamental needs of smaller institutions and stay clear of the greater complexity that large institutions require.
  • We also offer several customization options to accommodate special needs.
Excellent customer service
  • Our customers rave about our customer service.
  • Customer support is free and always responsive with quick turn around.
  • Your opinion matters and your feedback shapes the ongoing development of College Office.
Ease of use
  • College Office is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • College Office is well documented via a comprehensive and context-sensitive help system.
Exceptionally affordable
  • We are mission minded, not profit driven.
  • Our pricing is specifically designed for small budget institutions which are priced out of the market.

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