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Our pricing is simple and affordable.

We offer 3 pricing plans (2021 prices, unchanged from 2020):

  • Plan A: $17.5 per year per active student with a 20 students minimum charge
  • Plan B: $15.0 per year per active student with a 150 students minimum charge
  • Plan C: $12.5 per year per active student with a 1000 students minimum charge

Each plan includes up to 10 GB of data storage for external documents (documents uploaded to our server when they are attached to classes, student records or emails. See the Data Storage Space Computation topic for more information on how we compute this space.) Data storage space for external documents beyond 10 GB is currently free of charge but may eventually be charged $5/month per 5 GB increment.

An active student is any student who takes at least one course during the calendar year.

Try us for 3 months: if you are not satisfied you owe us nothing!

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