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For Administrators & Registrars

  • Maintain a centralized repository of all individuals (former, current & potential students, instructors, staff) with their relevant personal information.
  • Define course catalog and programs of study with their specializations & curricula.
  • Manage admission records and transferred credits.
  • Manage terms (semesters), classes, schedules, instructors, rooms, student term enrollment records and class enrollment records, etc..
  • Manage advisor/advisee relationships
  • Basic financial management module (record student charges, payments, credits & refunds).
  • Generate the multitude of reports needed in the management of the institution.
  • Broadcast messages to targeted groups of individuals based on role, membership, enrollment status, etc...
  • Batch import records from spreadsheets or other formatted files.
  • Upload & attach documents to relevant records.
  • Perform all the tasks instructors can do (post class assignments, record grades, take attendance, etc..)


  1. College Office uses the paradigm of terms (semesters) to manage student academic records: classes are defined within terms and students are enrolled in terms and classes of these terms. In the future, College Office will also manage student academic records that do not fit this paradigm, but this feature is not currently available.
  2. College Office is able to automatically determine the courses a student needs to take based on the curriculum of the program & specializations the student is enrolled into, the courses the student has already passed and the credits he/she has transferred from other institutions. This feature allows much flexibility in defining program curricula.

For Instructors

  • View schedule, classes, students
  • View advisees and their relevant data
  • Broadcast messages to students
  • Record class attendance
  • Gradebook
    • Post class assignments
    • Post assignment documents for students to download or access
    • Record assignent grades
    • Configure the way College Office computes class final grades
  • Upload class documents
  • Print instructor specific reports

For Students

  • View schedule, class records, assignments, grades, attendance
  • Download documents posted by instructors
  • Upload/download documents requested/posted by the registrar
  • View financial records
  • Print student specific reports


Below are some features we intend to develop in the future:

  • Automatic students billing system
  • Online student payments
  • Online student enrollments
  • Online admissions
  • Manage student academic records apart from the term/semester paradigm

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