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For Administrators

  • Maintain a centralized repository of all individuals (former, current & potential students, instructors, staff) with their relevant personal information.
  • Define course catalog and programs of study with their specializations & curriculum.
  • Manage terms (semesters), classes, schedules, instructors, rooms, student program enrollments, term enrollments, class enrollments, transferred credits, etc..
  • Match student's progress with programs of study curriculum
  • Manage both live and recorded instruction delivery with emphasis on integrating remote class meetings (such as Zoom) & online content.
  • Manage advisor/advisee relationships
  • Basic financial management module (record student charges, payments, credits & refunds).
  • Automatic billing of students when they register online with option.
  • Students can pay their bills via College Office or create payment plans.
  • Generate the multitude of reports needed in the management of the institution.
  • Broadcast email messages to targeted groups of individuals based on role, membership, enrollment status, etc...
  • Batch import records from spreadsheets or other formatted files.
  • Upload & attach documents to relevant records.
  • Perform all the tasks instructors can do (post class assignments, record grades, take attendance, etc..)

For Instructors

  • View schedule, classes, students
  • Manage documents, assignments, grading, class sessions & attendance
  • View advisees and their relevant data
  • Broadcast email messages
  • Flexible gradebook that can automatically compute final grades
  • Print instructor specific reports

For Students

  • View schedule, class records, assignments, grades, attendance...
  • Easily access all the information that pertains to a class session: objectives, documents, online content, related assignments, remote class meeting access (such as Zoom) if applicable...
  • Access to all documents and online content posted by the instructor(s).
  • Share documents with the administrative office.
  • View financial records and pay online
  • Online registration to classes with automated guidance based on their program of study and the classes they have already passed or transferred.
  • Option to create a payment when they register online
  • Print student specific reports

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