Edit Student Status

SETUP -> Statuses -> Student Statuses -> Edit Student Status

Use this screen to edit the details of a student status:

  • #: order/position/rank of this status compared to the other statuses.
  • Status: name of the student status
  • Active: set to Yes if this status is currently used, No is this status is no longer used
  • NSDLDS Code: NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System in the US) code associated with this status if applicable (used by the NSLDS Enrollment Report). The available codes are:
    • A Leave of absence
    • G Graduated
    • W Withdrawn
    • D Deceased
    • X Never attended
  • D2L Status: used to match the student status with a role in the D2L Brightspace system when generating the D2L Users and D2L Enrollments files that can be automatically uploaded by College Office to the D2L Brightspace server.
  • Description: status description that may be visible to students or instructors.
  • Internal Note: note that is not visible to students or instructors.

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