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Notices are documents which College Office users are required to consent to in order to continue using College Office. The notice is targeted to the specific user roles you select: 'Administrator', 'Registrar', 'Instructor', 'Student' etc... College Office will record the date and time (US EST) that a user has consented to a notice, and you can review the list of users who have consented and not consented. Users can easily review the list of notices they have consented to via the My Profile screen. A possible use of this feature is to require your users to consent to your institution Data Privacy Policy and document when they consented to it. (This is the same feature that we use to require our customers and their users to consent to our legal documents.)

This screen shows the list of all the notices your institution has created.

Click on a row to view that notice, in particular the targeted population, via the View Notice screen.

Click the button on the lower right to create a new notice via the Create Notice screen.

Note: College Office updates the list of users required to consent to each notice every 15 minutes, which means that new notices or changes made to the target population of an existing notice may take up to 15 minutes to become effective.

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