Edit My Profile

My Profile -> Edit My Profile

This screen enables a user to upload their profile picture, edit their primary email address and mobile number, and set if their mobile number should be visible or not to their instructors. Not all options may be available based on the way your institution has configured College Office.

  • Click on the lower right to upload a new profile picture.
  • Select your preferred Display Style, depending on whether your work mostly from a desktop computer (registrars, instructors) or a smartphone (students.) Either style will work on either device, but may look awkward when the chosen style does not match the type of device used.
  • Edit the Primary Email and/or Mobile Phone fields as needed.
  • Set Show Mobile to Yes to show your mobile number to your instructors if you are a student or to your students if you are an instructor, No otherwise.
  • Click on the upper right to record your changes.

Note: not all fields may be editable depending on the way your Institution has configured College Office.

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