My Profile

To access this screen click your name on the upper left of the home screen.

This screen lets a user view all their non-academic personal information stored in College Office as required by many data privacy laws such as the European Data Privacy Law (GDPR.) It also lets the user change their password and, if allowed by the institution, upload their picture, edit their email addresses or mobile number, and set certain user preferences.


This page displays your basic profile information and user setting.

Click on the lower right of the page to edit your profile via the Edit My Profile screen. Check the Edit My Profile help topic for a list of settings that you can modify.

Click the Change Password button to change your password.


This page displays other personal information stored in College Office.


This page displays user contact information stored in College Office


This page displays the list of notices the user was asked to consent to in order to use College Office. Click on a row to review what you consented to.

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