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This screen lets you view all your non-academic personal information stored in College Office as well as change your password.

If your institution has elected to allow you to do so, you may also upload your own profile picture, edit your email address on record and/or edit your tel number on record. Contact your institution if you notice that other information is not accurate and should be corrected.

The form has 3 pages: Profile, Contact and Consents


This page displays your basic demographic data stored in College Office.

Click on the Edit button (this may not be visible, depending on the way your institution has configured College Office) on the lower right of the page to upload a new profile picture and/or edit your email and/or tel number via the Edit My Profile screen.

Click the Change Password button on the lower right if you want to change your password.


This page displays your various electronic and postal addresses on record in College Office.


This page displays the list of notices you were asked to consent to in order to use College Office.

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