Import Templates

SETUP -> Import Templates

Check our video tutorial on importing records

Import Templates are used when importing batches of external records into College Office from a 3r party application (check the Batch Import topic). They are templates you create in order to match one of the Import Types provided by College Office with a specific file format used by your institution. Suppose for example you use a 3rd party admissions management system which is able to export a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file of all your new admission records: you could create a template that will specifically match this file format with the Admissions import type provided by College Office.

This screen lists all the import templates you have defined for your institution. Each row shows the template name followed by the import type.

Click on a row to edit that template via the Edit Import Template screen.

Click on the lower right to create a new import template. Select the Import Type from which the template should be derived and then record the name of your new template before clicking the Create New Import Template button to create your new template via the Edit Import Template screen.

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