Student Documents

This screen lets the student access documents made available to them by the institution, as well as upload documents that will be attached to their personal record in College Office and made available to the institution.

  • Posted date and time when the document was posted in College Office
  • Source is either Institution if the document was posted by the institution, or Student if the document was posted by the student.
  • File is the name of the file if applicable: click on it to download the file.
  • Web Link is the URL of the web link if applicable, click on it to navigate to the page or file.

Click anywhere on the line outside of either link to view more details about the document.

Click on the lower right to upload a document that will be attached to your record in College Office and accessible by the administration of your institution (this option is only available if your institution has chosen to enable it):

  1. Select the admission record under which the document should be stored (chances are you only have one admission record)

  1. Click on the proper admission record and then click the Browse button (the name of the button may vary depending on the browser and operating system you are using) to select the file you want to upload. You may rename the file if desired, as well as add a hyperlink and/or a memo. Please be aware that the file you upload will be accessible by the administrative office of your institution, and that you cannot remove the file once it has been uploaded (ask your institution to remove it if necessary). Depending on how your institution has configured College Office, you may be restricted in the size of the document that can be uploaded.

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