Financial Records

STUDENT -> Financial Records

Use this screen to check your financial overview, make an online payment (if enabled by your institution) and see all your financial records transactions.

The screen has 2 pages: Financial Overview and Transactions.

Financial Overview

This page shows your last payment amount, last payment date and current balance.

If enabled by your institution, click the Make a Payment link to make an online payment via the online payment service selected by your institution. If your institution has elected to use the College Office integrated payment solution, your payment will be immediately reflected in the Financial Overview page (you may need to click the Refresh button on the lower right if it does not refresh on its own.)


This page lists all your financial transactions.

Click on a row to view that transaction details or to print a transaction receipt.

Click the button on the lower right to filter transactions by type (charge, payment, credit, refund) and/or post date.

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