Class Student Screen

This form is used to edit the enrollment of a student in the class. It has 4 pages: Details, Note, Assignments and Attendance.

Note: most of the information below is irrelevant and therefore hidden if the student is auditing the class (the student has been assigned a non credit grade.)


  • Student Name and class defined by its Course Code, Section and Term.
  • Student email address if available: click on the email address to send an email to the student using your default email client.
  • Credits: number of credits student receives for the class. By default this is the number of credits of the class (which is itself by default the number of credits of the course.)
  • Delivery Method: course content delivery method if applicable. By default this is the delivery method of the class or the default delivery method of the student during the term.
  • Repeat Course: "Yes" if this is a repeat course. This information is printed on the transcript. "No" otherwise.
  • Superseded: "Yes" if the grade the student received in this class is superseded by the grade they received in a "Repeat" class. This information is used when computing the student GPA and earned credits.
  • Status in Class: status of the student in the class.
  • Withdrawn: date student withdrew if applicable. College Office automatically removes the student from attendance tracking after that date.
  • Number of times the student is Present, Late, Absent or Excused in the class.
  • Final Grade: final grade of the student in the class. This grade can either be manually recorded or automatically computed by College Office (Click the Grade button on the Students page of the Instructor Class Screen.)
  • Final Average: student final average in the class as computed by College Office form the student graded assignments and the assignment types. The average is not automatically updated by College Office, it is only calculated/updated when you select to compute student final grades by clicking the Grade button on the Students page of the Instructor Class Screen.

The form then displays the grade average of the student for each assignment type of the class. Those averages are automatically calculated in the background a you record assignment grades.


  • The average of the student for each assignment type is computed automatically by College Office as you record assignment grades.
  • On the other hand, the Final Average and the Final Grade are not automatically computed by College Office: they are only calculated when you click the Grade button on the Students page of the Instructor Class Screen and select Compute Final Grades.


Use this page to record your notes on the student in the class or view the notes other employees have recorded.


This page lets the user view and/or grade all the class assignments of the student. Click on an assignment to record the grade and enter appropriate comments via the Gradebook Single Entry Form.

Note: to grade all students for one assignment check the Assignment View Form.


This page lets the user view and/or record attendance for all the class sessions of the student. Use the drop down list to the right of each session date and time to record the attendance of the student for that session. Do not forget to click on the upper right to save your changes.

Note: to view or record the attendance of all students for one class session check the Class Session View Form.

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