Class Assignment Type

ADMINISTRATION -> Terms -> Term -> Class -> Class Assignment Type

This screen lets you manage a class assignment type. The screen has 3 pages: Details, Assignments and Averages.


The page shows:

  • The name of the assignment type at the very top of the screen.
  • The class identified by its course, section and term
  • Min Average: minimum average the student must have within this type to pass the class. Though a student may have a passing final average, they may still fail the class if they have an average below this minimum within this type. (Example: though a 60% average would normally give the student a passing grade, you may require an average above 70% in the "Test" assignment type.)
  • Low Grades Ignored: enter 1 if you want to ignore the lowest grade within the assignment type when computing the student average within the type. Enter 0 if you do not want to ignore any grade, enter 2 if you want to ignore the 2 lowest grades, etc.
  • Weight: weight of this assignment type when computing the final average of a student in a class. When College Office computes the average of a student in a class, it first computes the average of the student assignments for each assignment type and then computes the final grade by averaging each assignment type average according to the weight of the assignment type. Note that each assignment can also have its own weight within the type to which it belongs.

Check Gradebook and Assignment Types for more details on assignment types.

Click the Edit button on the lower right to edit this information via the Edit Class Assignment Type screen.


The page lists all the class assignments of this particular type. Each row shows:

  • The assignment weight within the type when computing averages.
  • The assignment name/title
  • The date & time or number of the session when the assignment is due if applicable.
  • optional if this is an optional assignment (check the Edit Assignment help topic for more details.)

Click on the lower right to add a new assignment of this type via the Edit Assignment screen.

Click on a row to view and grade that assignment via the Assignment screen.


This page shows the average of each student in that type (that is for all class assignments of this type) based upon the weight of each assignment within the type.

The word partial in a row means that at least one non-optional assignment of this type has not been graded for that student.

Those averages are automatically computed by College Office. You may need to refresh the page via the refresh button of the browser to show the most current values if you have recorded or changed student grades via the above Assignments page.

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