Edit Assignment Type

SETUP -> Grading -> Assignment Types -> Edit Assignment Type

This screen is used to edit the properties of an Assignment Type.

  • Name: name of this assignment type, for example "Test", "Homework", etc.
  • Active: only active Assignment types are available for classes.
  • Weight: weight of this assignment type when computing the average of a student in a class. When College Office computes the average of a student in a class, it first computes the average of the student assignments for each assignment type and then computes the final grade by averaging each assignment type average according to the weight of the assignment type. Note that each assignment can also have its own weight within the type to which it belongs.
  • Min Average: minimum average the student must have within this type to pass the class. Though a student may have a passing final average, he/she may still fail the class if he/she has an average below this minimum within this type. Example: though a 60% average would normally give the student a passing grade, you may require an average above 70% in the "Test" assignment type.
  • Low Grades Ignored: enter 1 if you want to ignore the lowest grade within the assignment type when computing the student average within the type. Enter 0 if you do not want to ignore any grade, enter 2 if you want to ignore the 2 lowest grades, etc.
  • Note: internal note about this assignment type.

Check the Gradebook and Assignment Types help topic for more information on Assignment Types.

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