Assignment Types

College Office lets you create various assignment types (for ex: "Test", "Homework", "Participation", etc.) and configure how the assignments of each type are processed when determining the student final grade. Use this screen to create the various assignment types available to your institution and to set the default properties of each assignment type (instructors can override those properties for their class.)

The page displays the list of Assignment Types. Each tile shows:

  • The name of the assignment type
  • The Active/Inactive status of the assignment type
  • The default weight of this type when computing the overall average of the student in the class
  • The default minimum grade average a student must have for all assignments of this type to pass the class.
  • The default number of low grades ignored when computing student average in a class for assignments of this type.

Click on an assignment type to edit the properties of this type via the Assignment Type Edit Form.

Click to add a new assignment type via the Assignment Type Edit form.

Click the Reset Classes button to reset the assignment types of a single class or of all the classes of a term to conform to the current assignment type settings. The system will let you select a term or a single class and will:

  • delete from the class(es) the currently inactive assignment types as long as no assignment of this class has already been assigned that type.
  • add to the class(es) any active assignment type which is missing
  • reset the Weight, Minimum Grade and Low Grades Ignored properties of the class assignment types to the current default values of these properties.


  • The values of an Assignment Type can always be overridden at the Class level, no matter what the standard default values are.
  • The default values of an assignment type can be overridden for a specific course so that classes based on this course are assigned by default assignment types with the values from the course rather than the standard default values of the type.
  • Check the help topics on Course Assignment Types and Class Assignment Types for more details.

Check Gradebook and Assignment Types for more details on assignment types.

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