Instructor Message View Form

This form shows the details of the broadcasted message. It has 3 pages: Message, Target Group and Recipients.


This page shows the details of the broadcasted message:

  • Date and time the message was created
  • Subject of the message
  • Body of the message

Target Group

This page shows the target group of the message which in this case is the class:

  • Term: term of the class.
  • Course and Section: course and section of the class.
  • Exclude Audit Student: were audit students excluded?
  • Exclude Withdrawn Students: were withdrawn students excluded?
  • The other fields are non-applicable as they pertain to the more advanced message broadcasting features of College Office.


This page lists the actual recipients of the message with their email address and the date and time the message was sent (this field will be empty if the message has not yet been sent: click on the line to see more details, including the number of attempts and the date and time of the last attempt.)

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