Create Message

INSTRUCTOR -> Term -> Class -> Create Message

This screen lets you broadcast a message to the students of your class (only students with an email address on file are included.)

The screen has 3 pages: Target Group, Message and Attachments.

There are 3 simple steps to broadcast a message to your students:

  1. Define the targeted audience within the class.
  2. Type in the subject and the body of the message
  3. Add attachments as needed
  4. Click on the upper right to broadcast the message to the all the students of the class who meet the target criteria and have an email address on record, or click to cancel without sending the message.

Target Group

You can filter your audience by:

  • The student grade level
  • The student gender
  • Whether audit students should be excluded or not (default is Yes).
  • Whether withdrawn students should be excluded or not (default is Yes).


This page is used to create the email message:

  • Subject: subject of the email message (required.)
  • Body: text of the message (required.)


Click the button on the lower right to upload an attachment.

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