This page documents changes made to the application. Changes made to the reports are documented in What is new in reports?

May 14th 2018

  • * Admission documents: you may now attach documents (or hyperlinks) to student admission records. You may give students permission to download some of those documents and/or to upload their documents that get attached to their admission record. See the improved My Institution, Admission View Form, and Student Home Screen.
  • * Class documents: instructors can now attach documents (or hyperlinks) to their classes and/or assignments for students to download. See the improved Class View Form and Assignment View Form.
  • * Batch imports:
  • You may now decide if instructors are allowed or not to modify assignment types for their classes (one global default setting that can be overridden for each instructor in a class). See the improved My Institution and Class Instructor Edit Form.
  • We have made it easier to delete classes: you no longer need to manually remove assignments and students before deleting a class.
  • College Office will no longer allow you to record an assignment grade which is greater than the maximum To value of any grade as defined in Grades
  • Corrected bug whereby the averages on the Class Assignment Type View Form were not properly refreshed after recording assignment grades.
  • Corrected bug where student class records with a grade marked as "Exclude From Transcript" where still showing up on Transcripts
  • Corrected bug whereby the settings of an instructor in a class were not properly derived from the default settings defined in My Institution.
  • Made some improvements to the Student Transcript II. See the Student Transcript II help topic.

* Note: Admission documents, class documents and batch imports are initially only available to a few select institutions which are helping us with testing. They will later be available to all institutions.

February 27 2018

  • New tutorial videos for registrars accessible from the help system (the videos for instructors were released earlier.)
  • When matching an average to a letter grade, College Office used to round the average to the closest integer and then compare this value to the Lower and Upper integer values assigned to each grade (for example if a student got and average of 88.654 in a class, College Office would round this to 89 and match it to a B grade if the B grade had been defined with Lower = 80 and Upper = 90.) The new logic remains the same, except that the rounding is now done to 2 decimal points: 88.654 is rounded to 88.65 and is matched with a B if B has been defined with Lower = 80.00 and Upper = 89.99. See the improved Grades and Grade Edit forms.
  • Minor bug corrections

February 19 2018

  • The student average in a class based on the grades received for each assignment is now automatically computed as assignment grades are recorded or new assignments are created or modified.
  • The student average in a class is now more readily visible to students, instructors and registrars.
  • The Gradebook report can now be directly printed from the Class screen without having to navigate to the reports section of the application.
  • The Gradebook report has been improved to display the student averages in the class.
  • Fixed a few cosmetic bugs where computed values were not refreshed in a timely manner.

February 14 2018

February 10 2018

  • Students can now view all their financial records directly from the web portal without having to view them under a specific term (semester.)
  • New tutorial videos for instructors accessible from the help system

January 8 2018

  • Users who have forgotten their username can now recover it via email.
  • The details of your College Office subscription (price & anniversary date) and all related charges and payments posted after 1/1/2018 are now visible from the the new Subscription page of the improved My Institution form.

December 20 2017

  • Instructors can now click on a student in their class to view and record at once all attendance and assignments data for that student.
  • Audit students in a class (students which have been assigned a non-credit grade) are now excluded from the gradebook (they were already excluded from the attendance.)
  • You can now assign at once the same grade to all the students of a class. Check the Students page of the improved Class View Form.
  • You can now create a grade that can be marked as "Exclude from transcript". Student class records with such grade are excluded from the student transcript as well as from any GPA, Points and Credits computations. Check the improved Grade Edit Form.
  • Improved grade book module so that you can now define assignment types which determine the way College Office computes student final grades. College Office can now compute the average of a student for all assignments of the same type within a given class, as well as compute the final student average in the class as a weighted average of the assignment type averages. Check the improved Class View Form, Assignment View Form, Assignment Edit Form and the new Assignment Types form. We have created 2 Assignment Types for your institution: Test and Homework, but you can add other ones as needed. Check the Gradebook and Assignment Types article in the knowledge base.
  • The improved Class Enrollment Edit Form now lets you see and grade all the assignments of a student in a class (previously you could see & grade all the students for an assignment, but not not all assignments for a student,) as well as see & record attendance of a student for all class sessions (previously you could see & record the attendance of all students in a class session, but not of all sessions for a student.)
  • Added Price History for Products and made a few other background changes as we prepare to release an improved billing module in the future. Check the improved Product Edit Form.
  • Navigation improvement: check the changes in the Classes page of the Admission View Form and of the Term Enrollment View Form. When clicking on a class there used to be a popup screen asking you to select between viewing the class information or editing the student class enrollment record, this has been replaced by a one click operation: click on the purple class name to view the class, click somewhere else in the tile to edit the student class enrollment record.
  • Navigation improvement: check the changes in the Students page of the Class View Form. When clicking on a student there used to be a popup screen asking you to select between viewing the student information or editing the student class enrollment record, this has been replaced by a one click operation: click on the purple student name to view the student information, click somewhere else in the tile to edit the student class enrollment record.
  • Minor navigation changes in the Setup form.

September 18 2017

  • Added a Financial Aid Credits field to the Courses (see the modified Course Edit Form).
  • Modified the Term Academic Results report to include the total of Financial Aid Credits received by each student.
  • Modified the Strudent Transcript II report to optionally show Financial Aid Credits

September 15 2017

  • Audit and Withdrawn students no longer show when taking attendance of a class session.
  • Added option to target email broadcasting by gender.

September 8 2017

  • Greatly improved the email broadcasting feature: you can now target recipients based on their term, class, program of study, graduation, status (admission status, term status, program status or class status) or membership in a list. Check the Messages help topic for more details. (Note: this feature is still in beta testing and will be released later to all institutions.)
  • Added a filter by Gender to the Students Directory report.
  • Replaced "Points Earned" by "Quality Points". Points Earned were computed only including earned credits (student has a passing grade) while Quality Points are computed including credits from failed classes. Quality Points can only differ from Points Earned if you have failing grades with a Grade Point Value greater than 0.

August 1 2017

  • I added email broadcasting functionality: you can now easily broadcast an email message to all students of a term (by the registrar) or all students of a class (by the registrar or the instructor.)
  • You can now see all the students enrolled in a program from the Program View Form.
  • The instructor can now record all assignment grades at once. Check the improved Assignment View Form.
  • The Student Program Progress Report can now be printed either for a single student or for all the students of a term.

July 9 2017

  • Adding a holiday or changing the date(s) of a holiday will now cause College Office to delete all already existing class sessions which fall on this date or between these dates (student attendance records are automatically updated accordingly.) Previously, the holiday had to already exist before creating the class schedule and adding the holiday afterwards was of no effect.

June 26 2017

  • First release of this new help system.
  • Modified College Office so that it integrates with the new help system by providing context sensitive access to the help system (just click on any screen.)
  • Deployed the new grade book functionality which enables instructors to post assignments for their class, record assignment grades and, if they so choose, automatically compute the final grade from the weighted average of all assignments (check the Assignments page in the improved Class View Form)

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