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We provide you with a daily backup of your data. In order to access your backup you need an iDrive account (you can create a free one using this link.) iDrive is a highly rated and very affordable online backup solution, the free account gives you 5GB of storage but you can get a couple terabytes for a very low fee.

Restoring your data:

  • We share the backup with the iDrive account created with the email address you provided us, by default this is the email address of the account administrator (See the Account page of the My Institution form)
  • Log into your iDrive account, go to the Shared with Me page, click on the folder shared from us and download the backup of your data (Click here for a video tutorial.)
  • The file is a standard Microsoft SQL Server backup file which can be restored to any instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 or later (the restored backup gives you a fully structured relational database.) You can download the free SQL Server Express edition from


  • Your backup is fully encrypted while stored in iDrive, but the file is no longer encrypted once it has been downloaded on your local computer.
  • You will need to design your own software solution to make use of this data or bring it to another service provider so they can import it into their system. This is provided to you as an insurance policy in case a catastrophic event would permanently prevent us from operating or you from accessing our system, or in case you would want to move your data to another provider (you are never held hostage to our service by your data.)

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