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SETUP -> Grading -> Grades -> Edit Grade

This screen is used to configure the properties of a grade. It has two pages: Details & Memos.


  • Grade: Name of the grade, for example 'A' or 'C+'. The name must be unique unless the grade is inactive.
  • GPV: Grade Point Value of this grade when computing the GPA (Grade Point Average) of students. For example, 'A' usually has a GPV of 4.0 in the US. The GPV is only relevant when "Use in GPA" and "Credit" are both set to "Yes".
  • From: and To: Range of student class averages which are mapped to this grade. College Office uses this to automatically determine the final grade of a student in a class from the grade-book. College Office will compute an average percentage grade (rounded to 2 decimal points) from the grade-book and assign the active grade for which this average is greater or equal to From: and less or equal to To: (see also the Assignment or the Students page of the Class help topics.)
  • Active: "Yes" if this grade is currently used. "No" if this grade should no longer be used.
  • Credit: "Yes" (the normal setting) if the credits of the class count towards the number of tried credits and, if this is also a passing grade, towards the number of credits earned, "No" otherwise (in which case the grade has no effect on the GPA and does not count towards the number of credits tried or earned).
    Tip: You should define an "Audit" grade with "Credit", "Withdraw" & "Incomplete" all set to "No" ("Passing" and "Use in GPA" are irrelevant when "Credit" is set to "No"), then assign this grade at the beginning of the term to students taking the class for audit.
  • Passing: "Yes" if this is a passing grade. "No" if this is a failing grade. This is only meaningful for Credit grades.
  • Use in GPA: "Yes" if this grade is used when computing the GPA of a student, "No" if this grade is ignored when computing the GPA. Note that "Passing" and "Use in GPA" are only relevant when "Credit" is set to "Yes". This is only meaningful for Credit grades.
  • Withdraw: "Yes" if this grade means the student withdrew, "No" otherwise.
  • Incomplete: "Yes" if the grade means that the student did not complete all assignments.
  • Exclude From Transcript: "Yes" if this grade means that the student class record should be ignored from the transcript. If set to "Yes" then College Office will also set Credit , Incomplete, Passing and Use In GPA to "No".
  • Overwrite: "Yes" (default) if this grade can be overwritten when College Office re-computes the final grade of a student in a class, "No" otherwise.

Beware: Do not forget to recompute the students GPAs, earned credits and tried credits if you make any change to the grades that may affect these numbers (for example: if you change the GPV of a grade): click Recompute from the Setup screen.

Tip: If you want to change your grading policy without affecting students with past records, then mark the grade you are changing as inactive and create a new grade with the same name but different settings.
For example, suppose you want "B" to have a GPV of 3.5 for all future records, but you need "B" to retain its former GPV of 3.3 for all past records: simply deactivate your current "B" with a GPV of 3.3 and create a new grade named "B" with a GPV of 3.5! On the other hand, if you want the change to be retroactive for all past records, then edit your current "B" grade, change its GPV from 3.3 to 3.5 and then run the recompute command!


Use this page to record the meaning/description of this grade.

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