Student Class Screen

This screen shows the details of the student's enrollment in the class


This page displays the details of the class:

  • Class identified by its Course, Section and Term.
  • Course title
  • Grade: final grade received if applicable.
  • Credits: number of credits for the class.
  • Status in Class: student's status in the class.
  • Withdrawn: date student withdrew from the class if applicable.
  • Repeat Course: "Yes" if this is a repeat course, "No" otherwise.
  • Superseded: "Yes" if the grade received in this class is superseded by the grade received in a repeat class of the same course, "No" otherwise.
  • Delivery Method: delivery method of the course content to the student if applicable and if different from the default class delivery method.
  • Attendance statistics: number of time student was Present, Late, Absent or Excused.


This page shows the schedule of the class. Each tile shows:

  • Day of the week when the class meets.
  • Time of day (using 24h format) when the class meets.
  • Duration of the meeting in minutes.
  • Frequency of the weekly meeting (every week, every 2 weeks, etc..)
  • Schedule start and end dates (usually identical to the class start and end date.)
  • Instructor assigned to this schedule.
  • Room assigned to this schedule.


This page shows the attendance records of the student for the class.


This pages displays all the class assignments that have been recorded by the instructor(s). Each tile shows:

  • Assignment name or title.
  • Assignment due date.
  • Date student's work was received if applicable.
  • Grade received if applicable.

Click on a tile to view more details on the assignment via the Class Assignment screen, including the instructor's description of the assignment and comment on the student's work.

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