STUDENT -> Term -> Class

This screen shows your class details. It has 5 pages: Details, Schedule, Sessions, Assignments and Documents.


This page displays the details of the class:

  • Start Date: your start date in the class, by default same as the class start date.
  • End Date: your end or withdrawal date in the class, by default same as the class end date.
  • Grade: final grade received if applicable.
  • Credits: number of credits for the class.
  • Repeat: "Yes" if this is a repeat course, "No" otherwise.
  • Replaced: "Yes" if the grade received in this class is superseded by the grade received in a repeat class of the same course, "No" otherwise.
  • Schedule Type: type of class schedule, either Live for classes taught live via a schedule or Recorded for classes consumed by the students on their own schedule.
  • Status in Class: your current status in the class if applicable.
  • Attendance statistics: number of time you were Present, Late, Absent or Excused.
  • Average you current or final average in the class.
  • Grade your final grade in the class

The lower part of the screen displays the class instructors with their email and optionally their mobile number if they have elected to show that number. Click on an email address to send an email to that instructor from the default email client of your device.


This page shows the schedule of the class. It is only visible for live classes, not for recorded classes.


This page shows all your class sessions.

  • Session: session date & time (for live classes) or session number (for recorded classes).
  • Title: title of the session.
  • Room: room where session is taught if applicable.
  • Virtual Room: web address for remote class meetings (using Zoom or similar technology.)
  • Meeting Code: code or password required by the virtual room.
  • Instructor: instructor (from the team of instructors who teach the class) who teaches this session.
  • Attendance: your attendance record for the session.

Click on a Virtual Room if applicable to access the cloud meeting in your browser.

Click on a row to view more details on that Class Session: session description, instructor, attached documents, assignments due.


This page displays your class assignments.

The upper part of the page displays your current average in each assignment type.

The lower part of the page displays the assignments.

  • Session Due: session when assignment is due.
  • Assignment: assignment title.
  • Type: assignment type.
  • Weight: assignment weight within the type when computing your average for this type of assignments.
  • Grade: the grade you have received.

Click on a row to view more details on that Class Assignment, including the instructor's description of the assignment, his or her comments on your work and any relevant document attached to this assignment.


This page displays all the documents that have been attached to this class by the instructor(s). Some documents may be assigned to an assignment, others to a class session, and others just to the class in general (such as a syllabus.)

Click on the file name (purple) to download the file or on the hyperlink (blue) to navigate to the online document.

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