Assignment View Screen

This form lets the instructor view and edit the details of an assignment and the student grades. The form has three pages: Details, Documents and Gradebook.


This page displays the assignment details.

  • Class identified by its Course, Section and Term.
  • Title: title of the assignment.
  • Assignment Type: type of assignment for grading purposes.
  • Weight Within Type: weight of this assignment when computing the student average for all class assignments of this type
  • Assigned: date work was assigned.
  • Due: date work is due
  • Description: description/explanation of what the student is expected to do.

Click on the lower right to edit this information via the Assignment Edit Screen.


This page displays all the documents that have been attached to this assignment.

Click on the file name (purple) to download the file or on the hyperlink (blue) to navigate to the online document. Click anywhere on the line outside of either link to view more information about the document.

Click on the lower right of the screen to upload a new document or a new link that will be attached to this assignment. Depending on how your institution has configured College Office, you may be restricted in the size of the document that can be uploaded.


Note that audit students are excluded from the gradebook.

This page lists the students of the class. Each tile shows:

  • Student name.
  • Percentage grade the student received for this assignment.
  • Date work was received.

Click on the lower right to record all grades at once via the Record Assignment Grades Form.

Click on a tile to record or change a single student's grade, the date their work was received and the teacher's comments via the Gradebook Single Entry Form.

Note: this form lets you grade one assignment for all students, use the Class Student Screen to grade all the assignments of one student.

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