INSTRUCTOR -> Term -> Class -> Session

This screen lets you manage a class session. It screen has 4 pages: Details, Documents, Assignments Due and Attendance.


This page shows the details of a class session:

  • Name of the class as identified by its course code, class section and term.
  • Open refers to the status of the term.
  • Date Time or Session: identifies the session either by its date & time (for Live classes) or by its session number (for Recorded classes).
  • Room: room where class meets if applicable.
  • Instructor: instructor assigned to the session.
  • Duration: session duration in minutes.
  • Virtual Room: web address for remote class meetings (using Zoom or similar technology.)
  • Meeting code: code or password required by the virtual room.
  • Title: title of the session
  • Description: description of the session teaching objectives

Click on the lower right to edit the session via the Edit Session screen.


This page shows all the documents attached to the session which students can download.

Click on a tile to retrieve, delete or edit that document.

Click on the lower right to add a document to the session.

Note: you can reassign a document to a different session from the Documents page of the Class screen.

Assignments Due

This page shows all the assignments which are due on that session.

Click on a row to view that assignment via the Assignment screen.

Click on the lower right to add a a new assignment due on that session. You can either create a new assignment or select an already existing assignment.


This page shows the attendance of the students for that session.

Click on a row to edit the attendance of that student.

Click on the lower right to record the attendance of all students at once. You can choose between Record Each Attendance or Set All Attendances At Once.

  • Select Record Each Attendance to record a potentially different attendance for each student.
  • Select Set All Attendances At Once to set at once the attendance of all students to the same value.

Tip: College Office can be configured by your system administrator so that all Unknown attendances are automatically changed to either Present or Absent after a configurable delay in days.

Note: this screen lets you record the attendance of all class students for one sessions. To view or record the attendance for all sessions of one student use the Student screen.

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