Instructor Class Screen

This form lets the instructor manage their class, it has 6 pages: Details, Students, Schedule, Sessions, Assignments and Messages.


This page displays the class details and its instructors.

  • Open or Closed status of the academic term.
  • Course title
  • Class identification as defined by its course code, class section and term. The purple color of the term indicates this is a hyperlink: click on it to view the term via the Instructor Term Screen.
  • Class start and end dates.
  • Class credits.
  • Class seats (maximum size of the class,) and class size (number of students in the class.)
  • Default delivery method of the course content.
  • Class instructors.


This page lists all the students of the class. Each tile shows:

  • Student name.
  • Student final grade if applicable.
  • Attendance statistics: number of times present, late, absent and excused.

Click on the lower right to record the final grades of the students. Select either Record Final Grades to record the grades manually or Compute Final Grades to let College Office compute the final grades from the graded class assignments: College Office assigns a final grade to a student by computing the weighted average of their assignment grades rounded to the closest whole number and then matching this average to the proper final grade.


This page display the class schedule. Each tile shows:

  • Day of the week when the class meets
  • Time of day (using 24h format) when the class meets
  • Duration of the meeting in minutes
  • Frequency of the weekly meeting (every week, every 2 weeks, etc..)
  • Instructor assigned to that schedule
  • Room assigned to that schedule


This page displays all the class sessions (points in time when the class meets).

Click on a class session to view its details and to record attendance for that day via the Class Session Screen.


This page displays all the assignments of the class. Each tile shows:

  • Assignment title.
  • Date work work was assigned.
  • Date work is due.
  • Weight of the assignment when computing the student final grade.

Click on the lower right to add a new assignment via the Assignment Edit Screen.

Click on a tile to view the assignment details and record student grades via the Assignment View Screen.


This page displays all the email messages that have been broadcasted to all the students of the class with an email address on file. Each tile shows:

  • Subject of the broadcasted message.
  • Date and time when message was created.

Click on a tile to view the details of the message (content, target group, list of recipients) via the Instructor Message View Form.

Click on the lower right to create a new broadcast message for all class students with an email address on file via the Instructor Message Edit Form.

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