This screen lets you access all your information for an academic. It has 3 pages: Classes, Schedule and Sessions.


This page lists all the classes you are teaching during the term. Each tile shows:

  • The course code, section & number of credits of the class
  • The schedule type of the class which is either Live (using a traditional teaching schedule) or Recorded (where the students consume its content on their own schedule.)
  • The course title

Click on a tile to manage that class via the Class screen.


This page displays your schedule during the term based upon the schedule of the live classes you teach.


This page lists all the sessions of both live (where the session is identified by a date & time) and recorded (where the session is identified by a session number) classes you teach. Each row shows:

  • The course code and section of the class
  • The date & time of the session (for live classes) or the session number (for recorded classes)
  • The instructor for that session (out of the pool of instructors assigned to the class)
  • The room where the session is taught if applicable
  • The virtual room (web address for online class meeting with tools such as Zoom) of the session if applicable
  • The code for the virtual room if applicable

Click on a row to manage that session via the Session screen.

Tip: class sessions can also be managed from the Sessions page of the Class screen.

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