Instructor Term Screen

This screen lets the instructor access all their information for the academic term. It has 4 pages: Classes, Schedule, Sessions and Advisees.


This page displays basic information on the term (start and end dates, type and campus if applicable,) and then lists all the classes the instructor is teaching during the term. Each tile shows:

  • Course code and class section
  • Class size / class seats
  • Course title

Click on a tile to manage the information of the class via the Instructor Class Screen, this includes taking attendance, defining assignments and recording grades.


This page displays the instructor's schedule during the term based upon the schedule of the classes they teach. Each tile shows:

  • Day of the week when the class meets
  • Time of day (using 24h format) when the class meets
  • Course code and section of the class
  • Room where the class meets
  • Duration of the meeting in minutes
  • Frequency of the weekly meeting (every week, every 2 weeks, etc..)
  • Instructor assigned to that schedule
  • Start and end dates of the schedule (usually identical to the class start and end date)


This page lists all the sessions (points in time when a class meets) of the classes the instructor teaches (this may include sessions the instructor is not scheduled to teach.) Click on a session to view or take the attendance for that day via the Class Session View Form.

Tip: sessions can also be accessed from the Sessions page of the Instructor Class Screen.


This page lists the students the instructor advises during the term, either as an overall adviser or as a program of study adviser. Each tile shows:

  • Student name.
  • Student admission record start date and if applicable end date.
  • Student admission status.
  • Total number of credits earned / tried.
  • Global GPA.

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