Home Screen

STUDENT -> Home screen

This screen is the home page of your student portal.

Wherever you are in the application, click on the upper left corner of the screen to return to this home screen.

  • Click on your name (purple link) on the upper left corner of the home page to view and modify your profile or change your password via the My Profile screen.
  • Click Online Registration to register online for your classes for the upcoming term. This button is only available while a term is open for registration.
  • Click Financial Records to view your financial records and make online payments (if enabled by your institution).
  • Click Documents to access documents shared with you by your Institution or to upload documents requested by your institution.
  • Click Academic Records to view all your academic records, to contact your advisers, and to access all the information that pertains to each of your classes (schedule, sessions, documents & resources, assignments, attendance...)
  • Click the button on the lower right of the screen to print or export (PDF, MS Excel or MS Word) various reports.

Note: this screen may also display other buttons configured by your institution to let you access external resources on the web.

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