Graduation View Form

This form lets you view and modify graduation information, inclusing the list of students graduating. It has 2 pages: Details and Students.


Click on the lower right to edit the graduation name, campus or date via the Graduation Edit Form.


This page displays all the graduating students with the program of study they are graduating from (student graduating from more than one program are therefore displayed more than once.) Each tile shows:

  • Student name
  • Student program of study
  • Student campus if applicable.
  • Student status in the program if applicable.

Click on a tile to view the student's information via the Admission View Form.

Click on the lower right to add a student to the graduation. College Office displays a list of all students and their program who have not graduated (that is not been assigned to a graduation), whose admission campus is the same as the graduation campus (unless graduation is not assigned to a campus), and whose admission start and end dates are compatible with the graduation date (start date must be before the graduation date and end date must either be empty or of the same year as the graduation date). Select the student and program you wish to add to the graduation and then confirm your selection via the Program Enrollment Edit Form.

Tip: you can also assign a student to a graduation from the Program Enrollment Edit Form.

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