Edit Holiday

ADMINISTRATION -> Holidays -> Edit Holiday

This screen is used to record a day or days when your institution is closed so that College Office will not create class sessions on those dates.

  • Name: name of the holiday.
  • Date: date of the holiday if Till is empty, or date when the holiday period starts if Till is not empty.
  • Till: date when holiday period ends (leave empty if holiday is a single day.)
  • Repeat: "Yes" if this holiday is repeated every year on the same date (such as Christmas or 4th of July in the US), "No" otherwise (such as Thanksgiving in the US). A holiday set to "Yes" does not need to be re-entered the following years, but you can only set Repeat to "Yes" for single day holidays (Till: must be empty.)
  • Description: public description.

Note: adding a holiday or changing the date(s) of a holiday will cause College Office to delete all the class sessions (and their related attendance data) which fall on this date or between theses dates (but deleting a holiday does not cause any class session to be created.)

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