Edit Course

ADMINISTRATION -> Courses -> Course -> Edit Course

This screen is used to edit the details of a course offered by your institution.

  • Course Title: title of the course.

  • Code: code of the course, must be unique!

  • Level: numeric value representing the course level, for example 100 for 1st year courses, 200 for 2nd year courses etc... College Office uses this information when matching courses to program requirements. See the Edit Program Requirement screen for more details.

  • Active: "Yes" if the course is currently active and available for selection when creating classes etc.., "No" otherwise.

  • Repeated: "Yes" if it is normal for this course to be repeated several times by a student. The default value is "No", but if set to "Yes" College Office will not set the Repeat and Replaced flags of student class enrollment records for that course.

  • Department: department responsible for the course. The list of available departments is defined via Departments in Setup.

  • Credits: default number of credits of the course.

  • Fee Level: determines the fee level for Audit or Credit fees which College Office will use when billing students for this course. The default level is 1, but you can enter another number as long as you record Credit and Audit fees for that level for each term when this course is taught. This gives you the option of charging different amounts per credit or audit hour for different courses. See the Fees page of the Term screen or the Edit Fee help topic.

  • Financial Aid Credits: financial aid credits of the course. Used to compute the financial aid credits of students in certain reports.

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