Assignment View Form

This form lets you view and edit the details of an assignment and the student grades. The form has two pages: Details and Gradebook.


This page displays the assignment details.

  • Class identified by its Course, Section and Term.
  • Title: title of the assignment.
  • Assigned: date work was assigned.
  • Due: date work is due
  • Weight: weight of the assignment when computing the student final grade.
  • Description: description/explanation of what the student is expected to do.

Click on the lower right to edit this information via the Assignment Edit Form.


This page lists the students of the class. Each tile shows:

  • Student name.
  • Percentage grade the student received for this assignment.
  • Date work was received.

Click on the lower right to record all grades at once.

Click on a tile to record or change a single student's grade, the date their work was received and teacher's comments:

  • Received: date the student's work was received.
  • % Grade: percentage grade the student receives for this assignment.
  • Comment: instructor's comment visible to the student
  • Note: internal note on this record.

Note: College Office can automatically assign a final grade to a student by computing the weighted average of the assignment grades rounded to the closest whole number and then matching this average to a final grade according the Lower % and Upper % values assigned to each final grade via Grades in Setup.

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