Class Session Edit Form

The appearance of this form depends on whether the session is linked to a schedule or is floating (not linked to a schedule.)

Linked session

A session that was automatically generated by College Office from a class schedule is called a linked session: it can only be changed via the class schedule that generated it. All fields are therefore read-only. You have the option to unlink the session from its class schedule by clicking the Unlink button (do not forget to click afterwards, otherwise the session will remain linked). Once the session is unlinked, it becomes a floating session and you can then modify its date and time, duration, instructor or room. Changes made to the class schedule that originally generated it will no longer be propagated to this session.

Floating session

A floating session is either a session that was directly created from the Sessions page of the Class View Form, or a formerly linked session that was unlinked.

Contrary to a linked session, you can make changes to a floating session:

  • Date Time: date and time of the class session.
  • Duration: duration (in minutes) of the class session.
  • Instructor: instructor assigned to the class session. Click to the right to select one of the class instructors.
  • Room: room where the class meets. The list of available rooms is defined via the Rooms form.

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